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Tissue Donation Is About Helping Give the Gift of Life.

  • Life-enhancing and life-saving.
  • One person’s gift is a miracle for many, enabling those who would not live a normal life to have a second chance.
  • As many as 100 people can be helped by one donor.


Many people donate because they know that numerous others may be helped and that something positive can come from their loss.

  • Hearts are repaired and beat strongly.
  • Vision is restored.
  • Burn victims can fight infection and pain.
  • Disabled persons can walk again.
  • Disfigured persons can regain their self-esteem.

 The tissue donation process is always completed with great care, respect and dignity.

  • A call will be placed to your loved one’s immediate family.
  • Once eligibility is determined, a brief consent form will be completed.
  • Questions will be asked regarding your loved one’s medical and social history.
  • Your wishes will then be coordinated with your funeral home.

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