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About Regenerative Biologics

Pregnancy Placenta Donation

"The mission of RBI is to serve and support donor families, patients, and the community by providing human tissues for transplantation, research, and education to enhance the quality of life"

Regenerative Biologics, Inc. (RBI) was founded in 1982 as the University of Florida Department of Orthopedics Bone Bank by some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the orthopaedic community.  As tissue donation and transplantation gained greater acceptance, the organization's growth and community services expanded to meet the increasing demand for transplantable tissues.  In 2001, after almost twenty years of advancing transplant science as an agency of the University of Florida, the tissue bank became a separate organization. It changed its name to Southeast Tissue Alliance, Inc.  (SETA) in 2013, changed its business model to focus on living donor tissue, and became Regenerative Biologics, Inc.

RBI is registered with the FDA in Florida, New York, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama and was awarded accreditation by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) in January 2000. RBI continues to maintain accreditation through rigorous regulatory compliance. This compliance ensures the highest quality tissues needed for surgical transplants.

Today RBI is one of the nation's largest birth tissue (placenta, amnion, amniotic fluid, cord blood) acquisition programs. We are honored to have provided donation services to families for over 40 years.


RBI is a not-for-profit, 501 (c)3 organization committed to recovering human tissues for transplantation and research. One of the most critical aspects of this process is ensuring that donor families understand tissue donation and are fully supported as they give gifts that change the lives of others. 

Our Team

At Regenerative Biologics, our experienced and professional team is dedicated to delivering exceptional services of the highest quality to our clients. Our team works diligently to ensure that each and every project is completed with the utmost attention to detail, quality, and precision. Our commitment to excellence is unmatched, and we are proud to be your trusted partner.

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