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Journey to Wholeness

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Phoenix, Gamer, Musician, Fashionista, Survivor!

RBI proudly recognizes Phoenix, as a spokesperson for RBI and birth tissue donation.

Phoenix has been a part of the RBI family for the last three years, and she continues to inspire and impress everyone with her determination and positive outlook on the world around her.

At the age of eight, Phoenix was suddenly diagnosed with SJS, Stevens Johnsons Syndrome. Over the next several weeks, Phoenix’s fate was uncertain, and she faced life altering symptoms.

Some of which included, losing 65% of her skin and inflamed, painful blisters that targeted her mucous membranes. The aggressive attack SJS made to Phoenix’s eyes, caused her eyes lids to scar and ultimately “scrap” her corneas. Improving and maintaining her vision, is one challenge Phoenix faces today.

Phoenix has received several amnionic membrane grafts that have been placed on her cornea, to provide comfort and protection against the scar tissue on her eyelid.

These grafts are frequently removed and replaced to ensure the grafts being used to their full ability. Phoenix and her mom, rave about the amazing care they receive from their cornea specialist. Especially, when it mattered most. They exclaim, the outcome may have been quite different, if her doctor had not placed the amniotic grafts on her eyes while the team was focusing on healing her skin. Phoenix who is now fourteen years old, is a walking testament of how birth tissue grafts improved her quality of life.

She is one of the most inspirational people we have ever had the honor of getting to know and supporting her through her journey to wholeness.


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