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About Us

Regenerative Biologics, Inc., (RBI) helps connect the gifts of generous donor families with recipients, whose lives are improved or even saved through tissue recovery, research and education.

The mission of RBI is to serve and support donor families, patients and the community by providing human tissues for transplantation and research and conducting related education to enhance the quality of life.

RBI is registered with the FDA and the State of Florida, and is accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks, which ensures that our services are of the highest quality and are provided in the most professional manner.

RBI recovers tissues and provides them to leading tissue processing companies. One of the most important aspects of this process is ensuring that donor families understand tissue donation and are fully supported as they make the gifts that change the lives of others. To promote tissue donation, we also work throughout the community to increase awareness, educate health professionals and further donation-related research.

History of RBI

Starting as the “University of Florida Tissue Bank (UFTB)” in 1982, RBI has changed and adapted over the years to meet the needs of the medical community. As the need for more and more donated tissue grew, so did UFTB. Up until 1995, UFTB not only recovered tissue, but also processed the tissue and placed it in the hospitals for transplantation. In 1995, these functions split, and UFTB became a recovery-only tissue bank, with Regeneration Technologies Inc (RTI) taking on the tissue processing and distribution functions. In 2001, UFTB no longer became a direct support organization to the University of Florida and was renamed Southeast Tissue Alliance (SETA). SETA worked with hospitals, funeral homes, hospices and medical examiners over the northern half of Florida, from the Melbourne area to Pensacola.

The need for another type of tissue created a new processor relationship in 2001. Placenta tissue, normally discarded as waste, was found to have wonderful healing properties. By 2012, the demand for placenta tissue, including amniotic tissue and umbilical cord tissue, was growing. Early in 2013, SETA’s relationships with hospitals was transitioned to our sister company, RTI Donor Services, so SETA could better focus on meeting the needs for placenta tissue. With this new focus came another name change, Regenerative Biologics, Inc. (RBI).

Today, RBI continues to work with funeral homes to offer the gift of cadaveric tissue donation to families, while continuing to expand the recovery of placenta tissues from Living Donors. This new focus puts RBI on the cutting edge of tissue recovery from living donors.

RBI … your recovery agency dedicated to both cadaveric and living tissue donation